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We Believe Your Story Matters

Let us empower you to tell your story well—and share it with the world

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We Believe Your Story Matters

Let us empower you to tell your story well—and share it with the world

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Every person has a dream.

Every organization has a mission.

Every company has a vision.

We call it your story.

Your Story Success Partner

We come alongside youas both architects and artisans—to design and execute a sustainable plan.

A Like-Minded Guide

We don’t just crank out digital widgets. We build authentic relationships to support worthy causes.

Connect with People

We listen intently to help you clarify your message and craft the best strategy for sharing your brand story.

Clarify Your Story

Branding & Messaging

What is your brand? Whether you’re an individual or an organization, the world sees your story in a certain way. Our relationship begins with understanding your purpose, message, and audience. From your logo and visual identity to a brand script that guides your messaging, we help you get the clarity you need to communicate your story with confidence.

Tell Your Story

Content Creation

Our proven approach isn’t for everyone. If you want words cranked out haphazardly, we’re not the partners for you. But if your message matters enough to get it right, we can help you communicate with excellence. Partner with us to create online courses, engaging curriculum, scripts, and copywriting of all sorts.

Share Your Story

Platform Development

If you want your story heard, you need a platform—a digital home base from which to speak. We craft web sites to fit your brand strategy and build a following.  We don’t just build digital widgets.

We craft a digital presence that represents you well and fits your business or organizational needs. Our technical artisans help you leverage the power of digital to tell your story well.

Publicity & Promotion

It’s a noisy world out there. What if you tell your story—and no one is listening? We partner with you for digital launches of online courses, donor development strategies, increased brand awareness, and publicity about your story.

 Not only do we publish books, we also promote them, with strategic book launches that position your book for maximum reach.

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Do You Want to Write a Book?

Not a writer? Not a problem. Let us capture your voice and empower your message for ghostwriting & collaborative book-writing projects.

An experienced collaborative writer, our founder Bill Blankschaen leads a talented writing team to bring your book to life in a way that resonates.

We’ll help you choose the best publishing path—a professional proposal to traditional publishers or a hybrid approach with StoryBuilders.

Bottom line: we’re your one-stop-shop for everything to do with books—planning, drafting, editing, printing, and promotion.

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“StoryBuilders is a gifted organization.  They’re extremely collaborative and excel at working with a diverse team of subject matter experts, salespeople, and executive stakeholders to take their input, infuse their own creativity, and deliver a world-class product.”

  —David Hoyt

Former President, The John Maxwell Company

 “I highly recommend StoryBuilders as creative partners. I trust them to always steer us in the right direction. Bill and his team truly take the stress out of the process of collaborative writing, content strategy, and platform development.”

—Mark Timm

Director of Product Operations, Ziglar Inc.

CEO, Ziglar Family

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If we can’t help you tell your story we’ll get out of your way so you can.

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