Most of the StoryPartners we work with aren’t natural writers or instructional designers.  And they don’t have time to become experts in any of those areas. 

In fact, they usually have a lot of other important things they already do well—leading, coaching, speaking, building a business, and generally doing a lot of good for people. 

We come alongside to help them multiply their message.

Our own story began when our founder Bill Blankschaen saw so many people with great ideas struggling to tell their story well. 

So, he launched StoryBuilders—a creative team of story-telling passionate about serving people with excellence in genuine, high-trust relationships.

We’ve had the privilege of coming alongside a variety of individuals and organizations (we call them StoryPartners) like….

Our core values serve as our decision-making filters and guide everything we do. 

At the foundational level, these values derive from the fact that we are a Christian company. But you don’t have to share the details of our faith to enjoy the benefits of our beliefs.

Because we value creativity, we intentionally think differently. We always dare to ask “what if” before figuring out “how to”.

Because we value relationships, we always put people before profit and listening before action.

Because we value excellence, we always go all out and never settle for good enough.

Because we value authenticity, we always stay true to who we are and do what we say we will do.

Because we value teamwork, we  believe  the  struggles  of  ME  are  always  exceeded  by  the  strengths  of  WE.

Because we value life balance, we always prioritize healthy, holistic living to achieve sustainable success for our team and their families.

Bill Blankschaen is the founder and Chief Story Architect of StoryBuilders, a creative team of storytellers who share his passion for helping people live a story worth telling and serving them with excellence in genuine, high-trust relationships. StoryBuilders tells stories that make the world a better place by creating compelling books and learning experiences that turn ideas into greater impact, influence, and income.

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If you’re ready to turn your ideas into greater impact, influence, and income, let’s talk. We’d love to hear more of your story and help you tell it well to make the world a better place. 

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