Behind the Scenes: StoryBuilders as Your Creative Partner

By Nita Gess, StoryArtisan

A book is a dream converter. It gives clarity on your core content.

— Bill Blankschaen

You have some great ideas that have been percolating in your mind for a while. Every time you talk about them, others say, “You should write a book!” 

But you’re not sure. Writing a book is a lot of work, isn’t it? I don’t know the first thing about writing an entire book, let alone getting it published. And besides that, I’m not a very good writer. 

You, my friend, need a creative partner. And not just any creative partner. You need one who has experience and connections and comes with a talented team.   

Enter StoryBuilders. 

At StoryBuilders, we write books all day, every day. Books are our bread and butter. Books are our passion. 

Why Write a Book?

Books capture ideas in a way that is well thought out and intentional. Writing a book takes your dreams and turns them into something tangible. Books are a time-tested storytelling format that connects with people. And books are a foundational piece for building your intellectual property and giving you credibility. 

Writing a book can seem intimidating—like an overwhelming task—but you don’t have to be alone in the process.

If you’re feeling a little worried about your book idea, that’s okay. It’s normal. Any creative endeavor is a little scary when you first start to take action. And StoryBuilders can help.

Why Choose StoryBuilders as Your Creative Partner?

We have helped hundreds of people just like you take their ideas and make them even better. We don’t call it a creative partnership for nothing. This is your book, and we’re going to help you get there.

What’s it like to have an elite team in your corner?

You’ll get personalized service and attention in a collaborative process. We’ll take your ideas, expound on them, make suggestions, guide you, and—ultimately—make this book yours!

Once you decide to take action and work with us, here’s the basic roadmap of what you can expect:

When we work together as creative partners, your part of the process is vital. We can only work our bookish magic with regular input from you. You can help by staying engaged, coming to meetings prepared, and working collaboratively as we, together, make your book the best it can be.

Start Today

Writing a book not only gives you clarity on your message, but it opens doors. It sets you up as an expert in your field and allows you to build on your intellectual property in other ways. 

Is today the day you convert your dream into a concrete message? Is today the day you turn your idea into a useful tool? We’d love to help you find out.

Reach out now to start the conversation.